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Welcome to our school!

We hope this new website gives you a feel of Scarborough International School of English, our students, dedicated staff and upbeat atmosphere.

Our primary aim is to develop a warm, safe and caring atmosphere where every student will be happy and successful in learning English.

We value the contribution each student brings to our school. There is a strong sense of belonging to a family community here, with an emphasis on excellence in English language learning, supported by a wide range of social activities to add to the learning experience.

Our enthusiastic, talented teachers and all members of the school community are committed to providing the very best educational experience for our students.

We value and look after the needs of every student and strive to make sure that each and every one of them enjoys his or her time here.

It’s a place to grow in friendship and when our students leave at the end of a course we hope they will value the friends they have made here as well as the progress they have made in their English.


SIS Student Zone

The SIS Student Zone gives:
  • 24/7 access to English learning materials
  • Access to your own digital workbook
  • Possibilities for staying in touch with students and teachers from your course
  • Links to the best websites to help you improve your English
  • Links to fun activities in English

Try it – you’ll enjoy it!

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Latest News

Price freeze

Scarborough International School freezes the cost of its courses for 2015

Centre of Excellence

EL Gazette ranks Scarborough International School in top ten of British Council Centres of Excellence offering under-16 homestay accommodation

News for PON

Scarborough International School of English welcomes applications from teachers and schools funded under the Italian Ministry of Education PON program

Thai Students Cultural Exchange

We have been happy to host two groups of secondary school students from Thailand on a cultural exchange to the UK



“I was in Scarborough for only 5 weeks it was really short for me.”

“I want to thank all my teachers and the administration people and, obviously, my host family who were really good with me and I learnt a lot too. Thanks!”

Martin, Chile


“I have been here for 6 months now but have experienced summer and winter in Scarborough when I last came. I found the lessons very enjoyable and rewarding. I've learnt a lot of new English words and expressions. In the winter I had a lot of attention from the teachers, and in the summer it was very lively and I made many new friends.”

“I had a great time and it was so much fun. I recommend it to you and I will definitely come again!”

Simal, Turkey


“First, I’ve really enjoyed this trip. I think it’s a very good experience because I’ve met a lot of people from different countries in the world which are now my friends. I have progressed in English thanks to my superb teachers. Also I’m very happy because activities suggested by the school are fantastic – I discovered several cities like York and Leeds…this trip is just unforgettable.”

“Thank you for all, thank you Scarborough International School!”

Tristan, France


“On my time in school I’ve learnt a lot of things and I’ve made a lot of friends too. On Thursdays we went to visit a lot of places like Leeds, Hull and York. The activities were great too. We went on the sea in a speedboat and to the castle. ”

“The teachers are cool too like Jay, Jane and Louise. They teach us a lot like grammar, vocabulary and my host family are very good with me, they take good care of us. The food is good too.”

“The most beautiful thing in Scarborough is the seaside. Thank you Scarborough International School. ”

Ehab, Libya


“Studying in Scarborough is a wonderful experience! First of all I stayed with Wendy, my sweet and lovely English host mother. Thanks to her – she gave me lots of attention and was always happy, I feel at home.”

“Second, I have met some good friends. What’s more, because they came from different places all over the world I could learn new things about different cultures and many words in their languages.”

“Last but not least the teachers and ladies in the office: kind people that always help, support the students and have a big smile for everyone.”

“Thank you to Scarborough International School.”

Elisabetta, Italy


“My host family looked after me really well. They took me to lots of places and introduced me to lots of people. I felt that I’m part of the group.”

“I really love them. Spending time with them was fantastic!”

Ornwara, Thailand


“The UK trip impressed me a lot. I used to be a person who liked staying at home, but after I went to Scarborough I’ve changed my lifestyle. Scarborough is a beautiful seaside town, I could see the sea from where I lived with my host family. The host is a gentleman and he can cook really delicious food. The students are nice and my teachers are so kind too. During those days in Scarborough International School I noticed English was something I needed every day, whenever talking to people in shops, ordering food in restaurants or playing with friends.”

“Thank you to Scarborough International School for letting me enjoy my holidays in UK.”

Paul, China


“I studied for 4 weeks at Scarborough International School. I learnt a lot of English which is the most important thing but also I enjoyed myself because we did many interesting excursions and I met people who I won't forget. Everybody is very friendly and kind. If you come to Scarborough to learn English my advice is to come to Scarborough International School.”

Martin, Spain


“I was satisfied with Scarborough International School. I studied for 2 weeks but I got the opportunity to improve my English language. My teachers are very good because they are kind and polite. If I made a mistake they told me about my mistake and they always waited for me to speak and understand. So, I think this school has very good teachers and very good surroundings to study English.”

Kohji, Japan


“I believe that an experience in another country is something that can change your outlook on life. Studying English in Scarborough I learnt to stay in a country different from where I was used to, I met different people and learnt about different lifestyles.”

“I can say that this experience has changed my life; thank you Scarborough International School!”

Daniele, Italy


“I went to Scarborough last summer, I was very excited. My host family were so friendly. The teachers taught pronunciation, cultures and knowledge about England via films, activities and the trips they took us on. Moreover, I gained a lot of new experiences too. For example, trying some new cultures, trying to live with someone who is not my family, travelling to York, Whitby and the most beautiful town I have ever seen Edinburgh.”

“I will go to England again if I can. I was impressed with the friendliness, kindness, and the smell of the English countryside and food.”

Nattanan, Thailand


“I travelled to Britain to Scarborough. Really it's the best town, and I lived with a host family. I miss them now because they were a good family. Once we went to the top of a mount in the town, it was a beautiful sight, especially because my host family was with me. I never felt alienated but I felt I was a member of the family, I will never forget this family and they called me “their son”. Really they were fantastic people. We went to the beach and ate ice cream, we went to the cinema and sports stadiums. I love my family forever, and I hope to meet them again.”

Morad, Israel


“Everything was great; Scarborough in the whole and the school itself. Especially the people at school. In comparison with one of London’s schools (where I spent learning English three weeks as well) they are much more friendly and ready to help with any questions. Thanks to Scarborough International School everyone in my family, including my husband and three kids improved their English significantly and more over we had fun! Thank you once again!”

Maria, Belarus


“Your English can always be improved. During my time in the school I could enjoy it and the town too. The staff and the teachers were very friendly and helpful and you could feel very confident with them. If you have special interest in any subject, don´t be afraid to ask them about it.”

“Besides this you can explore the town and the countryside where you can find the real England: stone houses, hamlets, villages, fresh air, green fields and welcoming people. Everything that you have imagined about it, you can find in North Yorkshire. And don’t forget to try the English breakfast. Good luck, and come here!”

Sergio, Chile